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IoT Cybersecurity Alliance

Our mission in creating the IoT Cybersecurity Alliance is to forge a community where industry-leading cybersecurity and IoT experts come together with the intent of demystifying IoT security, collaborating to address real-world IoT security challenges, fostering a security-first IoT posture, and providing educational tools to share best practices and thought leadership.

Cybersecurity alliance mission statement

Vision Statement

Cybersecurity alliance vision statement

We envision a world where the Internet of Things ceases to be a mystery. A world where all things being connected isn’t a source of worry. A world where the IoT ecosystem is protected, and companies have full confidence to embrace IoT. A world where IoT is not only transforming technology, but business itself, and how it’s conducted. A world where the IoT ecosystem is highly-secure, sustainable and transparent, integrated into how we live, work and play.


The challenges are complex. Our goals are clear.

Demystify IoT Cybersecurity

  • Move IoT security from complex challenge to a coherent business practice
  • Broaden the IoT security conversation by breaking it down into easily digestible topics
  • Communicate to businesses that IoT can be highly secure and is ready to be adopted
Cybersecurity alliance Demystify IoT Cybersecurity

Educate on IoT Cybersecurity Best Practices

  • Elevate the general awareness of the importance of IoT security
  • Develop materials on making security decisions, reducing risk, increasing productivity
  • Create webinars, white papers, videos and relevant content to foster IoT security dialogue
Cybersecurity alliance Educate on IoT Cybersecurity Best Practices

Collaborate to Solve Real-world IoT Cybersecurity Challenges

  • Bring top experts together to take a multi-layered, multi-disciplined approach to IoT security
  • Reinforce the importance of an IoT ecosystem, rather than individual components and providers
  • Pool industry knowledge to establish IoT ecosystem security policies and best practices

Influence industry standards for IoT cybersecurity

  • Elevate the conversation and an understanding that IoT security is an aspect of quality
  • Emphasize the evaluation of how solutions and devices being deployed can affect security
  • Encourage enterprises and standards bodies to consider security controls/policies that are impactful