IOT Cybersecurity Alliance Resources

Endpoint Endpoint


A handbook for approaching IoT security and why it is important

Understand why and how to protect services and end-point devices with hardware security. A safe and cost-effective approach with Trusted Execution Environments.

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Malware infection trends in mobile and fixed networks

Key findings, the most important security events, trends and statistics from the Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab.

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Endpoint Network


The CEO’s guide to securing the Internet of Things

Approached systematically, IoT devices and networks can be made highly secure. Accomplishing this first requires that organizations recognize the nature and scope of the threat.

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A security reference blueprint for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Preventative security measures for the IIoT that enables IT and OT professionals to maximize security and operational efficiency.

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Securing your Internet of Things

Learn how the four cornerstones of IoT security provide the foundation for an architecture that can mitigate the vast majority of security threats to your Internet of Things.

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Cloud Application/Cloud


Security and cognitive IoT position paper

IBM monitors billions of security events globally each day. This paper reviews leading edge Cognitive IoT research addressing the security and privacy implications of IoT.

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